Saas GPT

Instantly launch your SaaS dashboard with our quick setup includes Login, Onboarding, Feedback, Surveys, Referrals, and a Search bar. Make a wish, and we'll deliver it in seconds!

Step 1: Login via Email or Google Account Begin by logging into the platform using your email or Google account for authentication. This ensures secure access and personalizes your experience. A straightforward login process sets the stage for what's next.

Step 2: OTP (One Time Password) Received in Email Once you've logged in, an OTP will be sent to your registered email to verify your identity. This extra layer of security confirms that only you can access your account. Check your email and enter the OTP to proceed.

Step 3: Answer Some Onboarding Questions During onboarding, you'll answer a few questions about your preferences and needs. This step tailors the SaaS GPT to better suit your specific requirements. Your answers will guide the customization of the platform.

Step 4: Successful Onboarding Alert After completing the onboarding questions, you'll receive an alert confirming successful onboarding. This notification assures you that all preliminary setups are complete and you're ready to move forward. It's a green light to start exploring the features.

Step 5: Home Screen of SaaS GPT Navigate to the home screen of the SaaS GPT where you can start inputting your Company details. Fill in the necessary information and click 'Generate' to create your configuration or project. This central hub is where your ideas take shape.

Step 6: See the Preview or Fork Repo Finally, view a preview of the generated project or fork the repository to your account for further development. This step allows you to review and adjust any aspects before finalizing your project. It's a chance to refine and ensure everything meets your expectations.


Discover a website equipped with four critical routes and functionalities such as detailed company profiling, efficient login processes, interactive onboarding, and essential feedback workflows. Start your journey to efficiency now!

Login (/your-app-login)

Onboarding (/your-app-onboarding)

Get started (/your-app-dashboard)

Feedback Workflow ()


Referral (/your-app-referral)

Fork Repo : Take control of your project’s future by forking the repo from GitHub. Download the complete codebase with a single click and start customizing to meet your specific needs. Secure, accessible, and ready for innovation—get your copy today!

Begin your customization journey by forking the repository via this link. For detailed instructions and feature descriptions, consult the file included in the repo. Everything you need to get started is just a click away!

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