Help Hub Component

The Help Hub component is a user interface component that offers a comprehensive help center feature within your application. It provides users with access to information, an AI chatbot.

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Component Visuals

To unlock early access to the component Get Access



To install the Quest react-sdk into your project, follow these steps:

  • Open your terminal/command prompt.

  • Navigate to your project's root directory using the cd command if you're not already there.

  • Run the following command to install the quest-sdk package using npm:

npm install @questlabs/react-sdk

This command will download and install the package and its dependencies into your project.

Make sure your project has npm and Node.js installed, and that you have the necessary permissions to install packages in your project directory.


The HelpHub component accepts the following props:

  • userId (string): The user's unique identifier.

  • questId (string): The quest identifier.

  • token (string): Authentication token for accessing the help center.

  • headBgColor (string, optional): Background color for the header.

  • headColor (string, optional): Text color for the header.

  • backgroundColor (string, optional): Background color for the component.

  • color (string, optional): Text color for the component.

  • description (string, optional): Description text displayed in the component.

  • onClose (function, optional): A function to be executed when the component is closed.

Internal Components

The HelpHub component internally uses the HelpChat component to provide a chat interface for interacting with an AI chatbot.

Example Usage

Here's an example of how to use the HelpCenter component in your React application:

import { HelpCenter ,QuestProvider} from '@questlabs/react-sdk';

function App() {
  return (
    <QuestProvider apiKey={apiKey} entityId={entityId} featureFlags={{}} >
        description="Discover our key features"
        onClose={() => {
          // Handle close event

export default App;

Component Behavior

  • The HelpHub component integrates the HelpChat component internally to provide a chat interface.

  • Users can search for information by typing in the "Ask a question" input field.

  • Users can interact with the AI chatbot by clicking the "Ask AI" button.

  • The component displays a list of helpful links based on the provided data.

  • Users can click on the links to open them in a new tab.


You can customize the appearance of the HelpCenter component by providing optional props such as headBgColor, headColor, backgroundColor, color, and description.

HelpChat or Ask Ai

The HelpCenter component also provides chat section to facilitate user interactions with the AI chatbot. The HelpChat component allows users to send messages, receive responses, and view the conversation history.

This documentation outlines the purpose of the HelpHub component, describes its props, provides example usage, explains its behavior, mentions customization options.

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