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Algolia - Extend the power of Quest with Algolia's backend search capability. Avoid the need for multiple search bars within your product by using Quest as a frontend for Algolia search.
Bubble - The Quest plugin for Bubble brings the power of Quest to any Bubble app.
Segment - Deliver search, nudge, and questlist event data directly into Segment in real-time, enabling you to analyze user intent and product usage data in your preferred data tools and enrich user profiles.
Amplitude - Integrate with Amplitude Events
Iterable - Integrate with Iterable for In-app Email & SMS
Hubspot - Integrate with Hubspot CRM
Snowflake - Integrate with Snowflake Data
Braze - Integrate with Braze Email & SMS
Pendo - Integrate with Pendo Components
Mixpanel - Integrate with Mixpanel Events
Appcues - Integrate with Appcues UI Components
Slack - Integrate with your workflow on Slack
Discord - Integrate with your Community on Discord
Klaviyo - Integrate with Klaviyo Email
Twitter - Integrate with the Community on Twitter