Referrals & Expansion

Scaling User Base and Product Reach

Expansion is a critical phase where Quest's users are not only comfortable with the platform but are also instrumental in growing the user base. This section will explore components that empower users to become ambassadors of the product and facilitate the discovery of new features and offerings.

Referral Component: Turning Users into Advocates

  • Incentivized Sharing: Encourage users to refer friends or colleagues by offering them rewards for every successful referral, such as extended free trial periods, discounts, or additional features.

  • Easy Referral Process: Design a simple, one-click referral system embedded within the app to reduce friction and make sharing effortless.

  • Tracking Referrals: Provide users with a dashboard to track their referrals and rewards, making the process transparent and trustworthy.

Share With Friends Feature: Harnessing the Power of Networks

  • Social Integration: Allow users to share their achievements or favorite features on social media directly from the app, increasing brand visibility.

  • Custom Shareable Content: Create templates for users to personalize and share, making each share unique and more likely to catch attention.

  • Referral Insights: Collect data on which features are most shared and by whom, to understand which aspects of the product have the highest virality potential.

Special Offers: Personalized Incentives to encourage Users to stay

  • Tailored Deals: Present special offers based on user behavior, such as discounts on renewal or on additional features that they are likely to find useful.

  • Time-Sensitive Promotions: Create urgency around offers with limited-time deals, prompting users to make decisions that reinforce their commitment to the product.

  • User Milestones: Celebrate user milestones with personalized offers, acknowledging their loyalty and encouraging continued use.

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