Misc Components

These components can fit into any category and are super common/basic. Towards the end of every video / launch these components can complement it.

Video, Text, Image Popups: Spotlighting Features and Offers

  • Dynamic Content Delivery: Implement popups that activate based on user behavior, showcasing underutilized features or new offerings that are relevant to the user's activities.

  • Multimedia Engagement: Use a mix of text, image, and video content to cater to different user preferences and increase the likelihood of engagement.

  • Conversion Tracking: Monitor the performance of these popups in terms of click-through and conversion rates to continually refine the strategy.

Alerts: Timely Communications

  • Immediate Updates: Deliver real-time notifications and updates through a non-disruptive snackbar, keeping users informed without interrupting their workflow.

  • Action Oriented: Use alerts to prompt immediate action, whether it's addressing an issue or taking advantage of a new opportunity within the app.

  • User Focus: Design alerts to be user-centric, providing information that is directly relevant to the user's activities and interests.

Notification Top Banner

  • Urgent Alerts: Stay informed instantly with top-banner notifications for critical updates. Ensure you never miss essential alerts.

  • Critical Updates: Immediate visibility at the app’s forefront. High-priority information delivered directly to you.

  • Action Required: Act fast with high-visibility banners. Important actions and updates require your immediate attention.

Login Component

  • Secure User Authentication:

    Enhance your React applications with a robust login system designed for security and efficiency.

  • Customizable Login Interface:

    Tailor the login UI to perfectly align with your project's style and requirements through extensive customization options.

  • Effortless Integration:

    Implement user authentication smoothly and swiftly with our straightforward login component, crafted for React developers.

Pricing & Payment Component

  • Customizable Pricing Plans:

    Design your own pricing structure with ease, tailoring packages to meet diverse customer needs.

  • Seamless Stripe Integration:

    Effortlessly process payments through Stripe, ensuring secure and reliable transactions.

  • Enhanced User Experience:

    Streamline the payment experience to boost satisfaction and increase conversion rates.

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